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Residence card (temporary and permanent residence)

A temporary residence card with access to the labor market is a document that allows its holder to legally stay and reside in Poland for a specified period of time.

The procedure for obtaining a temporary residence card is done by applying to the provincial governor at the department for foreigners in the provincial office in the area of registration. The validity of the card is usually limited to a maximum of 3 years, but depending on the purpose of the stay and other factors, this may change.

It is worth remembering that the temporary residence card is not automatically renewed. If you plan to continue your stay in Poland, you will need to obtain a new residency card before your current one expires.

There are two types of residence cards in Poland – the temporary residence card and the permanent residence card. The choice of the appropriate type of residence permit depends on the client’s personal situation, so when submitting documents, we represent the interests of married foreigners, striving for a positive outcome of their case.

The process of obtaining a temporary residence card can be complicated, so we recommend that you enlist the help of professional specialists who have knowledge and experience in the field of migration law. With the support of such a team, the procedure for applying for a temporary residence card can be easier and more efficient, allowing you to obtain legal residence status in Poland and enjoy all the rights and benefits that come with it.

EU Resident Card

The EU Resident Card in Poland is the most common way to legalize long-term residence for EU citizens and their family members who reside in Poland. To obtain such a card, permanent residence in Poland for a period of not less than 5 years is required. In addition, the applicant must meet the condition of having a Polish language certificate at B1 level, which confirms communicative ability in Polish.

The process of obtaining an EU resident card usually involves submitting an application to the relevant provincial office or contact point that handles foreigners’ affairs. The application must be submitted in person, and in the case of families applying jointly, the applicants must be present when the documents are submitted.

In addition to meeting the requirements related to length of stay and knowledge of the Polish language, a person applying for an EU resident card should provide a complete set of documents confirming his status and financial situation. These documents may include a valid passport, employment certificates, housing leases, health insurance policies and other documents proving your ability to support yourself.

It is important to apply for an EU resident card renewal before it expires, usually no later than 3 months before the expiration date.

The EU resident’s card entitles the holder to live and reside legally in Poland for a long period of time, giving the holder access to many rights and services, such as health, education or labor. However, it is worth noting that in some situations, such as a long-term absence from Poland, the EU resident’s card may expire, so it is important to follow the relevant regulations and deadlines.

The final decision on the granting of an EU resident card is made by the competent public administration and depends on the fulfillment of all the requirements and criteria set by law. If you have any doubts or questions about the procedure for obtaining an EU resident card, we recommend that you seek the assistance of our specialists who specialize in immigration issues and will provide support and advice at every stage of the process.

Citizenship of the Republic of Poland

Obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Poland (RP) requires following certain procedures and meeting certain conditions. The following is an overview of the process of obtaining Polish citizenship:

  1. Legal requirements: Make sure you meet the legal requirements to apply for Polish citizenship. Depending on the situation, these can be different conditions, such as the time of residence in Poland, the origin of the parents or spouse, possession of a permanent residence permit, etc.
  2. Permanent residence in Poland: In most cases, it is necessary to have a permanent residence in Poland for a certain period of time. This time can vary depending on the circumstances, for example, for people of Polish descent living abroad, it is usually 2 years, and for people without Polish descent, it can be 3 years.
  3. Submission of application: Apply to the relevant authority for the application. Citizenship (Provincial Office) and apply for Polish citizenship. The application must be submitted in person and the relevant forms filled out. Along with the application, you will need to provide the required documents proving that you meet the conditions for citizenship, for example, birth certificates, marriage certificates, permanent residence certificates, etc.
  4. Citizenship Procedure: After submitting your application and documents, you will be subjected to a verification and examination process. The waiting time for a decision on granting citizenship can vary and depends on the individual situation, sometimes it is several months.
  5. Citizenship Ceremony: If your application is successful, you will receive a notice of citizenship. You will then be invited to a ceremonial oath-taking ceremony held at the Provincial Office. During the citizenship ceremony, an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Poland is taken.

If you have any doubts or questions about the procedure for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Poland, we recommend that you seek the assistance of our specialists who specialize in immigration issues and will provide support and advice at every stage of the process.

Pole’s card

The Card of the Pole is an official document issued by the Polish authorities that confirms membership in the Polish nation. It is given to people who do not have Polish citizenship, but have Polish ancestry or ties to Poland, such as ancestors coming from Poland.

It is worth noting that possession of the Card of the Pole does not give the right to freely cross the border of Poland or other countries in the Schengen area. This is important to avoid confusion, as the Pole Card is not equivalent to travel documents such as a passport or visa.

The main and one of the most important privileges of having a Card of the Pole is the facilitated procedure for obtaining permanent residence in Poland and Polish citizenship. Those with a Pole’s Card have preferential conditions and simplified formalities in the process of applying for these documents. This means that people with a Pole’s Card can more quickly and easily become Polish citizens and obtain a permanent residence permit, making it much easier to stay and live legally in Poland.

In order to obtain a Pole’s Card, a person must meet certain requirements and provide relevant documents proving their ties to the Polish nation. The application process for a Pole’s Card may vary depending on the country in which a person resides. It is a good idea to consult the relevant consular authorities or the Polish embassy in your country for details on the procedure.

They also mentioned assistance in registering for the exam and preparing all the necessary documents. This means that by providing support in these matters, it is about helping with the application process or submitting documents in connection with the Pole’s Card or other formalities related to residency in Poland. With professional assistance, the entire procedure can be more orderly and efficient, making it much easier for those interested in obtaining a Pole Card to enjoy its benefits.

Conducting open administrative proceedings

As a foreigner’s attorney, we become your trusted representative, engaging with you at every stage of the process. Our main goal is to speed up procedures and solve problems of varying complexity to achieve a positive result for you in the shortest possible time.

We offer one-on-one appointment registration services, where our specialists will register you for the day of your choice and arrange a convenient time to submit your documents. We are aware that each case is unique, so we take an individual approach to each client, providing a comprehensive and professional service.

Acting as your attorney, we represent your interests before the relevant authorities, providing support and advice every step of the way. Our knowledge and experience in the field of migration law allows us to effectively expedite the entire process, minimizing unnecessary paperwork and complications.

We understand that the process of obtaining documents related to legal residency in Poland can be time-consuming and complicated. That’s why, as your attorney, we strive to provide you with peace of mind knowing that our team of experts is taking every measure to ensure your success.

We assure you that our cooperation will be based on trust, professionalism and efficiency. Our work is focused on achieving your goals and ensuring that the procedures for legal residency in Poland are carried out efficiently and smoothly. We are ready to provide you with the best support and solve any challenges that arise to achieve a favorable result for you.

Appeals from administrative proceedings

After receiving a negative decision from the provincial governor, the applicant has 14 days to file an appeal in Polish to the relevant provincial office. If no action is taken within this time and there is no legal basis for staying in Poland, the person must leave the country.

Reasons for refusal may include:

  • Lack of presence of the foreigner in Poland on the date of submission of documents.
  • The declared purpose does not correspond to the actual circumstances of the case or the circumstances given in the application do not justify the foreigner’s stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period exceeding 3 months.
  • Submission of documents at the time of illegal stay.
  • No complete set of documents in the case.
  • Failure of a foreigner to receive information from the provincial office by mail due to an incorrect address in the application for a residence card or a change of residence without notifying the provincial office.
  • The foreigner’s data is in the SIS (Schengen Information System) database.

We are ready to assist you in every step of the procedure, advise you and take the appropriate steps to achieve a positive result. Our team of experts is here to provide support and professional service to make the whole process easier for you and find the best solution for your situation. Contact us for detailed information and assistance in your pursuit of legal residency in Poland.

SIS (Schengen Information System)

SIS (Schengen Information System) is a common database for all Schengen countries. It contains information on wanted persons and physical persons banned from entering Schengen countries.

Individuals who are in the SIS system cannot receive a Residence Card. In order to check whether your data is in the SIS system, we conduct a database query.

Our service includes a check of your data in the SIS system, which will avoid the problems associated with obtaining a Residence Card. With our help and professionalism, we can find the best solution for your migration situation.

We invite you to take advantage of our services and assure you that we will take all measures to facilitate your legal stay in Poland. We are ready to help and advise at every stage of the process, providing comprehensive support in migration matters.

Deportation – shortening the period

If you have already paid any outstanding fees and the halfway point of the entry ban has passed, we warmly encourage you to contact us. We are ready to help resolve this unpleasant situation and quickly remove your data from the SIS database and end the entry ban.

Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with support in the process of completing the deportation. We act efficiently and effectively to help you regain full freedom of travel. Our priority is to achieve a positive result in the shortest possible time.

Contact us for further information about our services and to begin the process of completing your deportation. We are here to help and fully support you in this challenge. Give us a chance, and together we will regain the freedom to travel!


We offer consultations and answer questions related to the process of legalization of foreigners in Poland. Our experienced team is there to provide support and reliable information at every stage of the process. Regardless of your questions or concerns, with us you will get the answers and support you need to achieve a positive outcome in your legal residency case.

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Илья Пихневский
Илья Пихневский
Очень милые девушки, максимально быстро делают свою работу , отвечают на все вопросы и введут ваше дело от и до , полная консультация на каждом этапе) Всем рекомендую)
Iryna Pykhnevska
Iryna Pykhnevska
Дуже задоволена роботою дівчат , дуже милі и завжди відкрити до запитань ) На карту подалась 4 січня позитивну дицізію отримала вже у березні місяця , а сама карту отримала у вересні . Дуже швидка робота і дівчата супроводжували на кожному етапі ) Всім рекомендую)
Богдан Совенко
Богдан Совенко
Постараюсь оставить самый искренний комент. Я очень благодарен команде Bergermann. Мало того, что там работают действительно компетентные девушки, они ещё очень милые и позитивные. После визита к вам в офис, остались очень теплые воспоминания. Любые мои трудности решались в миг. На возникшие вопросы я получал мгновенный и максимально лаконичный ответ. С уверенностью в плане качества услуг буду советовать эту компанию всем своим друзьям и близким
Аліса Мельник
Аліса Мельник
послуги на високому рівні , все було чудово дуже дякую Bergermann за супровід від початку і до самого віконечка в уженді при отриманні карти ) однозначно будемо звертатись в майбутньому ще ❤️
Константин Ангелуца
Константин Ангелуца
Я хочу сказать спасибо Кристине и фирме BERGERMANN за помощь в оформлении карты побыту,это было быстро и результативность я очень доволен с фирмой BERGERMANN рекомендую всем кто хочет оформить карту побуту я очень быстро получил её огромное вам спасибо всем сотрудникам фирмы и особенно Кристине за роботу с уважением Константин
Тетяна Капітун
Тетяна Капітун
Доброго дня! Хочу подякувати професійним працівникам BERGERMANN за їх роботу та правильний підхід до людей і допомогу в оформленні документів на отримання карти побиту. Я вже нарешті отримала карту побиту та побувала в Україні. Рекомендую звертатись до фахівців BERGERMANN, які завжди Вам допоможуть у сформуванні документів для отримання карти.
Гена Шевченко
Гена Шевченко
Благодарен Кристине за её работу , благодаря ей получил вторую карту побыта, всё делает в кротчайшие сроки. Если что не понятно - разжовывает как ребёнку. Твёрдая пятёрочка

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